Nutritional IV Therapy

It has been well documented that our bodies are under assault from external environmental factors that cause inflammation and oxidative stress. Everything from nutrient-poor food to over-scheduled calendars elevates stress response. This toxic burden hinders the body’s ability to properly absorb essential vitamins and minerals. When nutrients are delivered to the body intravenously, they bypass the digestive system and head to the bloodstream and organs. This allows for faster delivery, better absorption, and improved nutrient bioavailability than tablets, topical creams, or liquid formulas.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

From helping patients with chronic disease to boosting energy and metabolism, the benefits of iv vitamin therapy are far-reaching. Some examples include:

  • Energy and metabolism-boosting treatments that offset seasonal affect disorder, depression and expedite weight loss efforts
  • Magnesium to prevent eclampsia and premature labor
  • Short-term intravenous therapy with deoxycholic acid to help dissolve cardiac and carotid plaques and improve lipid profiles
  • Vitamin and mineral combinations help to address post-surgical malnutrition (particularly where sleeve gastrectomy, banding, or gastric bypass has been performed)
  • Sodium edetate being used intravenously to aid in detox from heavy metals L-carnitine and other nutrients being used to successfully decrease post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue for elite athletes

Starting an IV Vitamin Therapy Business or Services?

We have supported dozens of medical practices, medical spas, and integrative Medical practices to get started with IV vitamin therapy services. Connect with our team to learn about best practices and to partner with our experts on custom IV infusion treatments for your patients.